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Tile Cleaning and Grouting Service

Cleaning tile and grout floor is very important, but it is difficult to do by yourself because it is difficult to get the good result as you want. You can contact to our professional team without any hesitation. Because we are doing cleaning regularly on our own and it cannot reach the stubborn dust that lies deep inside the pores of grout lines.

So, here professional grout and tile cleaning services are provided by shine plus. In grout and tile cleaning our professional trained staff uses proper buff machines and special chemical to clean your place.

Process for grout and tile cleaning

  • Examine the floor condition.

Our tile and grout cleaning team will examine your floor completely to make sure which method is best suitable for your floor. They will check A to Z floor condition and the type of tire the floor has and examines the empty places where the grout is not available or damages. Then our team decided about the recovery procedure to be used.

  • Rub the Tiles and Grout

Our professional staff stat rubbing the grout between the empty spaces of tile with our specially imported PH balanced cleaning chemical. This chemical thoroughly releases the deep-down surfaces and collects all the dirt particles thar are assembled on the surfaces of floor. This process will completely clean your tile floor and will give it overall new look.

  • Cleaning with chemical

Cleaning the tile and grout with chemical is the quickest way. Chemical is considered the best cleaning agent it can remove stains no matter how obstinate they are. It can remove dirt, soil and stains from the tile and grout. It will give a crystal-clear look to your tile floor.

This chemical is made up of harmful chemicals that why using a standard chemical for cleaning is necessary otherwise, your tiles and grout will be damaged. Our professional team use a standard and imported chemical as a cleaner which makes your tiles and grout safe and cleaned.

  • Cleaning Through Grout Cleaning chemical

In the modern era of technology, where everything is upgrading with time. So, the cleaning technologies and techniques and materials is also upgrading.

Now there is a lot of tiles and grout cleaners available in market who can make your floor good as new and will give your floor a fresh look.

During the tile and grout cleaning our professional team make sure to use imported and quality grout cleaners. That’s mean your tiles and grout cleaned without damaging the color of your tiles and grout.

Our team choose a grout cleaner according to the type of grout floor. It will increase time span of your floor.

Scope of Work for Tiles And Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning services, we provide you SERVICES THAT STAND OUR.

Tile and grout cleaning with special grout pen.

Tile and grout cleaning with our scrubbing.

Tile and grout cleaning with shower.

Clean and repair the concrete lines.


Best commercial grout and tile cleaning service near you.

Our team uses the same mention grout and tile cleaning techniques for commercial tile cleaning and grouting as we do for residential service. We start by complete inspecting your tile floor to make sure we use the correct tile and gout cleaning technique.

You also have the option to add seal to your grout to keep your grout clean longer. Color seal works as an extra layer helping keep dirt and stain out of your grout.


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