sanitization Services

Our professionally trained and certified uniformed personnel use state of the art equipment and top-quality cleaning products and materials to disinfect and sanitize surfaces for germs and disease. May it be the Commercial space, Hospitals, Food Services, Office, Hotels, Mall, Auditorium, Fitness, Schools we make sure you get the best service at a reasonable price.

Sanitizing the places, you live, and work in is mandatory these days. To get the best sanitization services across Pakistan, the Shine Plus team is at your service.  The products that we use are safe for your kids and pets and would cause no side effects.


Professional fumigation is a thorough way to clear your home or building from dangerous and hard to eliminate pests. The correct process will help ensure a successful treatment. Our trained fumigation professionals have safely and successfully fumigated many different businesses.

We have a wide range of pesticides that eradicate unwanted pests that invade your place. To prevent pests, we follow a process in accordance with the industry’s best practices. We provide the best in class, on time and cost-effective pest control treatments for Termite, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes and Dengue Spray

Fumigation Services